A useful method of preparing for a consultation in relation to succession planning, a personal assets record can assist you in gathering your thoughts together while also prompting you to detail what you own and list out where everything is so that your executors can find your assets more easily after you have died. This record might also be used in conjunction with a note of digital assets. However these records are of limited use if they are not kept up to date and a note of how they can be accessed is not left with your Will or readily (though securely) available for your executors. 

Our firm has assisted the PAT committee of the Law Society of Ireland in preparing a detailed personal assets record for your assistance.

A useful form has been prepared by STEP to assist clients in making a complete inventory of their digital assets and footprint to allow us as advisers understand where assets may be located and to allow successors know where to look and access these assets on your death. Digital Assets Inventory


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