We at Keogan Law & Tax understand the importance of balancing business, commercial and family needs. The protection and long term financial security for a family could be adversely affected if the business interests, assets and investments are not structured in a tax efficient way.

We assist in drafting detailed letters of wishes to provide clarity, comfort and guidance for families after a parent has died. Such details can offer protection and security to vulnerable family members.

We assist in minimising capital tax liabilities and structure affairs to the best advantage of each family member and dovetail this with any existing agreements, nominations in place already depending on the type of assets you own.

We have many years of experience in drafting and managing trusts for persons with special needs to protect them, their social welfare entitlements and ensure tax efficiency in doing so. Aileen Keogan has been to the forefront of lobbying for legislative change in this area and has succeeded in bringing forward changes to taxation legislation to assist such vulnerable persons. She has also liaised closely with Revenue to ensure their guidelines in this area of protective trusts deal with the practical issues that can arise for persons who need extra protection because of their disability, any addictions they may suffer or their vulnerability to outside undue influence.

We are also experienced in structuring and advising on fundraising for individuals with special needs such as through GoFundMe pages to ensure long term tax efficient protection for these worthy causes.


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