Each individual and family have their own unique set of circumstances. With thoughtful and considered advice, we find solutions for all types of situations. An expertly drafted Will provides the opportunity to structure assets in a tax efficient way.

When providing for children, there are requirements that demand very specific advice, for example:

  • children who need protection at a vulnerable age
  • a child with special needs who will need additional funds and protection beyond his parents’ lifetimes
  • inheritance that may be vulnerable to a claim on divorce or separation
  • balancing the needs of all children against that of a child who is running the family business
  • handover of the family business to a child during the parents’ lifetimes where retention of income is a requirement by parents
  • managing assets co-owned with others
  • dealing with assets situate abroad and the legal systems there which may include forced heirship.

On a day to day basis we draft Wills for our clients. We advise private individuals on all aspects of Will creation and estate planning, passing assets from one generation to the next, whether by gift or inheritance.


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